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THE RTAA recently held the first of a planned series of RTAA webinars. The purpose of the inaugural webinar was to outline who the Rail Track Association (RTAA) is and what we do. The intent was also to allow RTAA to increase its understanding of its members and the rail industry, whilst enhancing its value proposition to members and the rail community.

RTAA members and non-members were welcomed to register, and audience participation was highly encouraged. We had over 50 participants on the day and we received questions beforehand as well as during the session. 

Over 76% of our attendees indicated that they would recommend a future RTAA webinar so we look forward to welcoming you along to our next event. 

Our Meet and Greet Panel included:
Some of the suggested topics for our future webinars will include; 
  • How the RTAA differs from the RTSA, IRSE and how we work together
  • Project upgrades and developments
  • New equipment that is being introduced to the industry
  • Education, Training and career tips 

To watch the meet and greet please click here 

Some of the feedback from our Meet & Greet Webinar; 

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